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5 common reasons to upgrade home security

5 common reasons to upgrade home security


It might be a costly affair to install a home security system, but installing the same has multiple benefits. Here are 5 common reasons to upgrade home security system :

1) Protection From Intruders : The biggest benefit of a home security system is that it protects family members from intruders. As per data, the possibility of a burglar entering a house increases by 2.7 times, when there is no security system. Which means, that a security system protects the inmates of a house from a break-in. A burglar might get really aggressive on discovering the presence of the members of the house, when he thought that the house would empty before breaking in. A security system provides time to these members to hide at a secure location, by the time the system informs the local authorities. However, for a burglar who knowingly enters a house with family members present obviously has some weird intentions, so in such a situation too, a home security system can alert the members of the house in advance.

2) Protection From Fire : The alarm systems have the functionality to offer additional protection barriers to house-owners, as they provide an early warning system. The home alarm systems that are monitored not only keep warn the house members about the smoke but will also inform the local heat contact authorities. At times, when there is too much heat in a building, there is a faintest possibility that it might be fire. So it is key to incorporate a heat detector in the fire prevention process.

3) Protection From CO Poisoning : Carbon Monoxide is emitted from gas, heating systems, burning charcoal, burning wood or stoves. Since it is a gas that contains no color or odor, humans don't understand the built up of CO over a certain period of time. Blood cells absorb the Carbon monoxide gas rapidly and this then prevents the necessary amount of oxygen to enter the organs and tissues. Carbon Monoxide detectors can be brought along with a home security system so that emergency dispatch services is informed in case of CO poisoning.

4) Protection for Valuables : It takes a lifetime to gather a collection of valuables that matter to us. It can be small petty things that have an emotional value to us, or it can be things that are really expensive and precious. When a burglar enters the house, the possessions are the last things that come to our minds, as what one generally gets concerned about is the retail value of everything that the burglar destroys or takes. A home security system has cameras fitted in various parts of the house. So it not only alerts the local securities, but after the damage is done, it helps these authorities to identify the criminals.

5) Saving on Homeowners Insurance : A Homeowners Insurance covers damage or loss due to various unfortunate events. When a security system for the home is installed, then there is a considerable amount of discount given on the amount of the insurance. A Homeowners Insurance value varies based on type of house, insurance company, payment plans, coverage (usually hurricanes, fires and tornadoes are covered, but not floods), location of the house etc. The discount provided for the home security system also depends on the system features e.g a central monitoring system gets more discount over a standard one.

Apart from 5 common reasons to upgrade home security system, there are other factors too like less energy consumption for home, anytime medical assistance availability, its like keeping an eye on the house while away etc. So without a second thought, such a system is absolutely necessary.


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