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How to find out if someone is stealing your wifi

How to find out if someone is stealing your wifi


Portable Penetrator is a powerful Wi-Fi security software for business or home. There are many primary reasons for regularly scanning your Wi-Fi network to check for any security vulnerabilities that can compromise your confidential data. Portable Penetrator is a full automatic wifi cracker for testing any vulnerability on any Wi-Fi network. It also provides support for the VM virtual machine. The software allow user to locate these vulnerabilities also deal with them before any potential hacker can do it. Without this solution, testing security problems and solving these problems requires a lot of work and expert knowledge. Portable Penetrator provides the ideal solution because it automates the testing procedure and greatly simplifies the whole process.

Security issues are genuine, and the losses which may be caused by attacks come with a huge financial price tag. The damage is not just to your bottom line but also to your assets, and particularly your business reputation. How many customers will be happy to learn that because your network security was breached, their private banking and personal information has been stolen or lost? What do you think a business regulator is going to make of your inability to produce financial records when they ask for them? How about an inability to produce email correspondence if you are engaged in a legal dispute? 

Hackers will always try to access your confidential data via a Wi-Fi network, and then use any security holes for their purposes. When hackers find these holes safe, they can try to penetrate your wireless network and steal important confidential information carried through your Wi-Fi network. They can also seriously disrupt your network. Fortunately, Portable Penetrator provides a solution. Most hackers use proven and proven methods of hacking into wireless networks, and thanks to this, their actions can be prevented before they can cause any damage. New security systems do not allow them to go so far.

Portable Penetrator will thoroughly test and test your Wi-Fi network and its security settings in the same way that a hacker will gain access to your network. Security cases are common in virtually any wireless network, so regular testing is important if you have confidential work or personal information carried through your network. He will fully study your network, not require expert knowledge and hours of tedious works on your part. Just as the physician conducts a physical examination of the patient, the Portable Penetrator carefully checks your network for any security vulnerability. After Portable Penetrator finds and reveals these problems, hackers can not use them, thereby protecting your network from the unwanted visitors.

Portable Penetrator also provides advanced features that users need in the Wi-Fi security software. It provides an advanced set of reporting tools to provide users with the information they need about the security of their Wi-Fi network. The pen scanner provides fully comprehensive reports on the security status of the entire wireless network. This is an important function that network administrators must support by secure networks.

Wi-Fi security software also supports latest security technologies, making it an extremely versatile solutions for any currently available wireless network. Thus, when upgrading the network, you can be sure that the Portable Penetrator can still scan using your new hardware regardless of its characteristics.



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