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How to hide a security camera indoors

How to hide a security camera indoors


Technology is racing forward so quickly that even the technophiles are getting lost in the dust of progress. Not that many years ago, a hidden video camera wasnt really easy to hide because they were so bulky and unreliable. Now, almost anybody can afford one that is tough as nails, reliable as the suns coming up and cheap.

Security cameras don't just have to be used for crime prevention. You can use them to get proof about whose dog is making a mess in your front yard. You caught someone sneaking around your property, but couldn't get a good look at him although you are pretty sure he looked familiar. The perfect solution to this one is a camera that is camouflaged as a floodlight. It is motion activated and feeds a video signal to an internal video recorder. The intruder is being recorded and doesn't even know it. The police love it.

It's tough enough these days making a living if you have your own business. Employee theft can sometimes be enough to close a business down that has taken years to build. A commercial wireless security cameras with a hidden video camera can in hours sometimes show where all the losses are coming from. One man I know owned a liquor store and was losing a substantial amount of inventory. Try as he might he couldn't nail down who was stealing and how. One day, he caught the janitor taking stock out of the back door in a garbage bag. If he had a hidden security camera in the exit sign above the door, he would have saved himself much aggravation and many hundred of dollars in losses.

I personally believe that if you are leaving your child at home with a babysitter or nanny that it is wise to invest in what is called a nanny cam. Most people just assume that their child will be taken care of and that no one would try to hurt their innocent child. Unfortunately, this is not always the case and children are being abused by babysitters all over the world. This small camera can keep your child protected. You may even feel the need to tell the babysitter or nanny they are being watched.

These are just two examples of hidden video cameras and what they can do.

Probably the greatest feature of these devices is that you don't have to worry about placing them where a radio signal can get through to a central receiver of some sort. Locate it, hide it, plug and play. Kids and pets can be programmed out.

These cameras can be hidden in any number of ingenious ways. Inside a flood light, an exit sign, wall clock, coffee maker and so forth. It sets your imagination to racing, doesn't it?

Security cameras help keep us safe and there is nothing better to spend your money on than protection. You can finally relax and rest easy knowing that your family and home is protected. Determine what style of camera is right for you and your needs then install it. If something happens you will be glad you installed the cameras.

Warning! These cameras have nothing to do with preventing crime. The best they can do is gather evidence. To stop crime, you want highly visible video cameras and that will be the subject of another article.

Here's a great video on how to hide a security camera indoors and outdoors.


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