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Secure Your Business On The Go

Secure Your Business On The Go


If you are a small business owner and have been putting off getting adequate security coverage, then you are not just putting your business at risk from unwanted intruders but could be costing yourself valuable dollars in lost productivity and fraud.

Okay, you completely trust your small number of staff and that's admirable but it seems many business owners are of the opinion it costs a small fortune to set up a complete video surveillance system on their premises. It doesn't!

The business security camera has evolved with technology. It's smaller, less obtrusive and has the ability to cover a wide area or more importantly, areas which are normally out of the watchful eye of the owner.

Products such as the X10 are excellent alternatives to the more expensive security cameras. Wireless systems have really come into their own and are not only effective for home coverage but have been adapted for small business use.

XCam Business Security Camera

This system gives business owners a double dose of effectiveness. It provides excellent security coverage and doesn't hurt in the hip pocket. One of the biggest drawbacks for struggling small business owners is the ongoing monthly fees associated associated with more traditional security camera systems. With the wireless systems such as the X10, cost really isn't a factor.

Wireless systems are easy to install. Even for the non-techies, systems such as the X10 are install-friendly. It's basically a matter of mounting the camera or cameras in your desired location, plugging it in and connecting to the video receiver.

There is the added advantage of either hiding the camera from view or making it visible to people as they enter and leave your premises. For added security benefits, features such as motion activated recording provide a valuable option.

Why Would You Want A Business Security Camera?


The most obvious reasons are to firstly, deter intruders from breaking in and if that's unsuccessful, then capture the crime on video for easier identification purposes. However, other reasons are becoming more and more prominent such as drug related crimes and fraud. The latter has been a part of the business landscape and a costly experience for owners while the former is being recognised as more of a problem today.

Systems such as the X10 are particularly suitable to self-employed business owners who may run a repair shop of some description. Obviously a workshop will be set up at the back of the shop but who's looking after the front. These versatile wireless systems can not only monitor the front entrance and give you a "birds eye view" of proceedings but you can set them up to also cover areas such as hallways and back entrances.

Protecting your business assets from thieves and unscrupulous employees now, means you can rest assured that everything your have worked so hard for will not be taken away from you down the track. Having a business security system gives you the peace of mind you need to know you have protected your business from anything that could go wrong and gives you a 'leg to stand on' with the insurance companies down the track, is a problem does arise.

There were times when a good business security camera system could have cost hundreds or in some cases, thousands of dollars. Now their are excellent options. Small business is tough, that's a fact, but not protecting your premises with good secuirty coverage is risky. After all, it's your livelihood at stake.


Peter Styles

Peter is an entrepreneur over 25 years. He enjoys spends relaxing weekends with his family.

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